2020. The year to speak up!

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Workplace bullying and its impact on mental health

When you go in through the fancy big doors of your office, you might not be feeling happy all the time. When you are asked to give this a thought,…

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What is anxiety? How to support your dearest with anxiety?

Feelings of anxiousness can be very frightening, but to know that you’ll get over it the next moment gives hope to the one suffering from it. There are many mental…

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Tips to improve concentration in children

During early years, most children seem to jump from one thing to another pretty quickly. This circumstance certainly isn’t related to low concentration power. It is highly important to discern…

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Psychology behind Memory

When you are struggling with school and it is hard to revise all the concepts for an exam the next morning, it is vital to know how your memory works….

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Know all about Antibiotics

In today’s world, the word “antibiotics” are known by each one of us. These are the type of medicinal drugs which helps our body develop resistance towards the bad bacteria…

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity​ Disorder: What is ADHD?

ADHD is a serious mental illness which can be more prevalent in childhood. The word Attention and hyperactivity is pretty commonly used but it can’t be generalized for this disorder….

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Why do we Dream?

A dream is not something that can be quantified, and the right analysis of one’s dream is based on the answer to “why do we dream?” The thoughts and feelings…

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What can make your anxiety worse?

Anxiety can be as serious as any other mental health disorder. It has the ability to transition into consequential when not taken care of. People with anxiety generally go through…

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What is Reverse Psychology?

Are you tired of suggesting the same thing to people every time and get no positive response? Maybe opting for other strategies can change the way they retaliate. Reverse Psychology…

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