It’s very natural to feel distressed when one is going through a hard time. The year we all are in, it’s extremely usual to experience feelings of negativity. Does that mean we are bound to feel negative in the present due to our ongoing circumstances?  Our mind has the power to lay hand on anything consistently and when you master the art of controlling your mind, you are able to regulate your behavior unquestionably. But, how do we do this?

What is the power of emotions?

Emotion is a very powerful tool of the mind which gives meaning to everything happening around you. One may feel emotional about one thing, which won’t affect another person’s attitude perse. What does this signify? It tells us that the brain and the mind work very differently for people living in distinctive circumstances. The mind’s idea of telling you that you are experiencing something has multiple ways. It can be through emotions, and/or through bodily expressions. One way to harness the power of emotions is to acknowledge what you’re feeling at different times during the day. Practicing this, you would notice a variety of different emotions that you never knew existed. Some might be good, others bad, but to accept it as just emotions is the key to master this approach.

What to do when you feel negative emotions?

As you may know, it’s absolutely easy to jump to negative thoughts, but undoubtedly hard to maintain positivity when you are a victim of a depressing experience. However, for all I know, when you’re able to train your mind in a positive direction, it becomes effortless to acknowledge your emotions. An easy way to move forward with this is to practice self-affirmations, it is the idea of repeating important elements of your life other than contemplating the negatives. It’s easy to confuse this concept with the escapist strategy, therefore it’s highly critical to discern its purpose. Practicing affirmations is a technique of emphasizing positivity and blurring bad circumstances. This path can help induce happiness while despising melancholy or sadness.

How to deal with a negative mental state?

A negative mental state is defined as a wistful emotion that you feel repeatedly. Sooner or later, it develops into an emotional state which deceives you into pertaining the same thought in different settings. The key to breaking out is to approve of your thoughts. It is when you’re able to accept what you feel, it then grows into an uncomplicated problem. A problem that you most definitely have a solution to.

The next step is to move forward with a questioning approach. The way to do this is to ask “why”. It is decisive to question yourself for all the sorrows and agonizing thoughts. A holistic approach to this can be, ” Why am I feeling sad”? Now, you need to dig deeper into asking yourself “why”, for every adjoining question. Once you catch up to its rock bottom, where there aren’t any “whys” left to answer, you’ll soon realize that you managed to unfold every little concern.

Expressing your emotions

It is extremely vital to express what you feel as bottling up your emotions might cause a burnout. For some people, it might not always be possible to talk to people around you, which leads to overthinking. Therefore, another way to do it is to journal your thoughts. If not more, it is equivalent to talking to someone.

How can positive thinking transform you?

When I sit beside a window, gazing at the trees outside, I usually think to myself about these uncertain times, I usually start mulling over life seeing still trees and empty roads. It seems scary, but when I imagine more about it, I start to question my thoughts as to why I feel this way. In doing so, I reach a conclusion where I feel certain, encircling my negative thoughts and emotions as insignificant. I remind myself, it’s not real, and even if it is, when I am in control, it is my responsibility to change my thoughts, and I believe I can do it.

The practice of believing in oneself is to make the character confident and bring out the positive aspects of life. One may not always feel positive, but practicing positivity is the key to changing the way your psyche works for you.

When you’re going through a problem, for instance, a breakup, it’s essential to ask yourself if it’s really worth your time to cry upon it. If the response is Yes, you should cry and let your feelings out, but when you are done, you should explore what’s next? “Can you change it? if you still retaliate with a yes, you can either go forward with a change, or you can challenge it with a “why” until you reach its depths. This way, you’ll layout your issue and will be able to transform the adversity into bliss.

Daily practices bringing positivity into your life

When training the mind, it is also vital to cross paths with some external techniques to help do it faster and offhandedly. One very important aspect of this is to end your relationship with assumptions. Assuming that something is going to happen can have a major effect on the way you think, and while practicing positivity it is important to disregard this habit. Some other ways to do so are:

Practicing Meditation

A way to block out the negativity from your life is to focus on your breathing. Meditation is said to be very effective for healing the mind and body by the means of ethereal recovery. There are many ways to habituate into meditation and a way I like, is to sit wherever I want and just turn up light rain sounds and close my eyes. This way, I block all my distractions for a while and just think about everything I did during the day. I started doing this as it can be very demanding to focus when you are new to this. Once you get the hook of it, you can start focussing on your breathing and attract positivity.

Surrounding yourself with positive people

Another way to practice positivity is to hem in with people you feel comfortable with. Always being around people who make you happy shifts the attention towards the good things in your life. It always encourages you to feel gratified and blessed.

Positive self-talk

Telling yourself that you are in a positive mental state allows your mind to attract positive energy towards you. When you invite negativity in your life, the brain and the mind holds onto it and imitates negativity. However, when you transition it to approach a positive outcome, you prepare your mind to result in happiness.

To sum up everything, I want you all to know that practicing positivity seems hard and tedious at first, but when you are able to master this magic in life, you’ll be as happy in reality as you seem to be in the pictures. I would greatly recommend everyone to try altering at least one negative thought for each day, and you never know if you might start seeing changes in yourselves.